Goodbye, Northern Lights

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia (by Paul McClure DC)


Lake Ohrid, Macedonia (by Paul McClure DC)

I’ve been trying to work out what my top 5 episodes for season two of The Batman would be, and I’m finding it a lot trickier than I did for the previous season!

I think there’s been a bump up in terms of storytelling quality, because while I can pick out several episodes in season one that just weren’t as good, when it comes to season two I’m going “Well, Fire and Ice had some cute Yin and Bruce interactions and the moment at the end where everyone claps for Batman, but Pets had a more engaging storyline overall…” In contrast, it’s pretty easy for me to look at season one and immediately eliminate Traction and Q&A, for instance.

One thing that might be helping is that there seems to be more emphasis on Bruce’s working with others, not only through his partnership with Yin, but with Alfred taking on a more active role in some of the episodes. And characters that have relationships are just more interesting than characters that don’t.

Night and the City Commentary


Penguin getting into arguments about protocol in Arkham over the lunch trays

I LOVE HOW THEY HAVE DIFFERENT OUTFITS. PERSONALIZED. THE OLD GUY EVEN HAS A HAT IT’S SO GREAT. which reminds me i need to actually put them onscreen in the dork’s tumblr sometime i’ve been planning to since January 

Totally heard it in the 60s Riddler theme. 

I was going to say something like “well the Riddler is new” but that doesn’t really mean anything.

Actually the only time Gordon’s shown up was in Traction. He was the officer that comforted tiny!Bruce.

I wonder what Yin’s shtick would be? I can’t see her as a Batwoman although I don’t know much about Batwoman anyway


Punch is the one with the green sideburns and nose bandage, Judy is the one with the little puffball on his hat going backwards. Pretty sure.

I have never heard the whispering. I should turn up the volume next time I watch that ep.

The dork would only hire the best and the brightest, of course!

I don’t get the sidekick thing either. You know she’s pretty badass, dweeb :I maybe he was feeling overprotective at the moment after her kidnapping.


Eddie you are not a fighter. The longest he ever lasts is like, one minute? One and a half?

I wonder how she knows to program the images like that, hmm.

Yeah, I always saw it as Gordon trying to convince Rojas it was for the better than actually believing it himself.

Annnd next ep is when said daughter shows up!

Riddler’s crew is actually a pretty varied looking bunch! It’s neat that they went to the effort of making their designs so distinctive.

Perhaps the uncertainty is because the Riddler doesn’t normally… call this much attention to himself? I mean, he obviously wants to be remembered, but he seems to distance himself from the action in a way that Penguin and Joker don’t.

…I actually thought this was the *first* time Gordon showed up, which is why the line felt kind of weird.

I imagine that Yin wouldn’t have a shtick- Bruce would bring up the idea and Yin would point out that a) she’s already wanted under the name Ellen Yin so it’s not like she has anything to hide, and b) she’s not going to wear a stupid costume, tell Alfred to put down that measuring tape. I think she’d look nice in some variant of the current Batwoman’s costume though. She already has a similar color scheme.

It’s pretty indistinct. And weird. The whispering also showed up in the Cat Bat and the Ugly, when Penguin was pretend-flirting/scheming with Catwoman. …O-or maybe my computer’s haunted.

Probably some over-protectiveness involved, yeah. And his stupid “must do everything myself!” complex. Perhaps he’s also hoping to keep Yinsy out of further trouble, since he told her earlier not to count on her law enforcement days being over.

I really appreciate that the show didn’t try to put her in the wrong for contributing and not staying put.

(Apparently, he’s actually noted as a better fighter than other Riddlers, and that makes me very, very sad.)

Well Yin’s no Riddler or Batsy, but she seems pretty clever in her own right. And Eddie apparently clearly labels all his programs, if the “CRANE REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM ACTIVE” thing is any indication. :P (Which contrasts him with Bruce and his UnlabeledButtonscave.)

That’ll be fun! I’ve heard some things about her character, so I’m already mourning the lack of Babs and Yinsy bonding over a mutual thirst for justice. (…Which may be OOC for Babs, but we’ll find out eventually.)

Night and the City Commentary

So, upshot! We get to see the Riddler, Penguin, and Joker compete over who is Gotham City’s biggest nerd! Downside? This is apparently the last episode Yin appears in. Which, I mean… come on! THERE HAS NOT BEEN NEARLY ENOUGH YIN TO SATISFY ME. ESPECIALLY NOT YIN/BATMAN PARTNERSHIP SHENANIGANS. :<

Oh well. On with the show!

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From that Space Ghost picture set that’s going around. 

I’m too sick to figure out how to link to it right now i’m sorry!