So… Does Starscream know about Unicron?

I mean, he wasn’t around when the season 1 finale took place. There was nobody who could tell him about the whole ‘Yeah, planet’s core is a chaos god’ thing. And I don’t think anybody’s really had the chance or inclination to sit down and tell him about it. As far as I can tell, all Starscream knows about the incident is that shortly after ditching the Decepticons the weather got really fucked up one day.

I find the idea of him being clueless to all this both amusing and sad.

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    …Though it would be a real Crowning Moment of Funny if they have to quickly get Starscream up to speed on Unicron. XD
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    I think it’s a right good thing he wasn’t around.I don’t want Starscream anywhere NEAR Unicron. We all know they don’t...
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    Well, Starscream’s fairly intelligent. He might very well know about the prophecy - the ‘bots and the ‘cons both seem...
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    Knowing his luck, he probably got struck by lightning or crashed into a tree. Good point though. I hope they touch back...
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